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7 Unique Uses and Incredible Ideas for Your Engagement Photos

A pre-wedding photography session is the perfect way to get yourself acquainted with your wedding photographer and understand how they work. It is basically giving you a test run of what to expect on the big day. But, what exactly can you do with all those fabulous images?

Here are 8 ways you can put your engagement photos to use.

1. Save the Date Cards

One of the most popular reasons to have engagement photos done is to use them for save the date cards. You can get really creative with different designs and themes to let people know when the big day is approaching and that they should book that date out in their diary.

7 Unique Uses and Incredible Ideas for Your Engagement Photos

2. Invitations

If you are skipping the save the date card and just sending our invitations you can use your engagement photos for those instead. There are many different components to a wedding invitation – from the actual invitations, RSVPs, order of service, menu cards, directions and hotel accommodation lists to the stamps, envelopes, and address labels. There are many places you can use professional engagement pictures to give wedding invitations to add a more unique and personal touch.

3. Guest Signing Board

To me, a signing board is a far better way of collecting your guest’s messages. Guest Books tend to land up on a shelf gathering dust. With these, you can display a beautiful engagement photograph at the same time as capturing the memories of your wedding day through a guest’s eyes. Often referred to as signature frames, these unique wedding gifts are stylish, elegant, highly personal and the perfect wedding guest book alternative.

4. Photos for Your Home

There is no better way to start the new life you will be sharing than decorating your new home with your photos. Having your engagement images hanging on the walls in frames around the home is the perfect way to remember the special bond you two share.

5. Displaying at Your Wedding

There are many ways you can use your engagement photos to decorate your reception venue. You can have large prints made to line the walls of your venue or have a few framed and allow your guest to sign it.

6. Photo Slideshow for Reception or First Dance

Having a sideshow playing as your guests enter the reception area or even to show at your rehearsal dinner is a great way to get your guest talking and adds a little sentimental value. Why wouldn’t you include a few of your engagement photos in it?

7. Social Media Images

The best way to use your engagement photos is to have them as your profile pictures on your social media accounts. What better way to not only show off your stunning images but to also let everyone know you two will be tying the knot!

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