Saying ‘I do’: At What Age Do Men Get Married Around The World?

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The wedding day is said to be one of the happiest days for anyone worldwide. It symbolises new beginnings and commitment to a partner. It doesn’t really matter what stage of life you are at when you decide to get married, so long as it is a happy one. However, I was interested to read a recent study by Manual who looked a number of male milestones, including the question ‘What Age Do Men Get Married?’.

Age by Location

The age at which men get married has changed over the years. Back in Shakespearean times, the average time for a man to marry was 20.6 years, 12 years younger than the average age today, 32.3.

While some countries still see a pattern of men marrying young, others are seeing grooms getting hitched much later in life. Out of the 35 countries examined in the data, India currently holds the title for the youngest average age for a man to make his wedding vows, at 26 years. China takes second place with 27.1 years, with Russia in third with 27.4. The UK is one year above the global average, at 33.4 years.

What Age Do Men Get Married Age Chart

What Age do Men Get Married?

The US also falls lower than the global average, with men marrying at 29.8 years, however, the US currently has the third-highest divorce rates in the world, only behind Maldives and Belarus.

The country with the oldest grooms is Australia, with an average age of 39.3 years. Austria takes second place, at 37.4 years, with Sweden in third at 36.7.

The Age of the Celebrity

Taking all the above into account, many male celebrities from across the globe decided to married young, including Macaulay Culkin, 19, and David Beckham, 24.

Celebrities who married 25 and underAge of Marriage
Taylor Hanson18
Macaulay Culkin19
Ryan Phillips23
Justin Bieber 24
David Beckham24
Prince Philip 25

While other celebs have proved age is just a number and decided to marry their partners later in life.

Celebrities who married 50 and overAge of Marriage
George Clooney52
Prince Albert of Monaco53
Bruce Willis54
Elton John66
Richard Gere69
George Takei71

Dr Earim Chaudry said: “Marriage is a symbol of love towards a partner, an important life event that many men remember for the rest of their lives.

“In many countries, we are seeing more and more men marrying in later stages of their life, which may be due to social pressures and priorities changing, especially amongst Western countries.

“Again, there is no perfect age to get married, and men should only do so once they feel ready for the commitment.”

Study Credit: Manual

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