Wedding Veil Etiquette – What Every Bride Needs to Know for Peace of Mind

Veils are a beautiful addition to any bridal dress. There’s just something about a them that completes your look. Not only are they in keeping with tradition but the flowing fabric and the intricate details all create such a romantic look and feel.

As a photographer, I am very used to handling a wedding veil – making them frame a photograph, throwing them up in the air for that ‘floaty’ look and also helping to re-fix them whenever they come loose or fall out.

A beautiful floating wedding veil at Haselbury Mill Crewkerne, taken by Victoria Welton Photography

If you’re planning to wear a veil on your wedding day, you might have a few questions about when to put it on and how long to wear it, so I have put together a list of ideas to help with you peace of mind.

Putting Your Wedding Veil On

You may want to put your veil on once your gown is on, but it’s best to use your timeline as a guide. If your hairstylist is fixing your veil into place, it may well be they are on a time constraint themselves and will need to leave before you step into your dress. With that in mind, they will ensure that it is fixed according to whether or not you will be taking it off during the reception. If it is before putting your dress on, then make sure there is a spare pair of hands to hold it out of the way (I have been that pair of hands!).

If you are traveling in a vehicle to your ceremony, you may want to consider putting it on when you get there. This way, it won’t wrinkle, mess up your hair or rip when you’re getting out of the car.

Taking Your Veil Off

When you want to take your veil off is a personal decision. Some brides prefer to wear their veil throughout their ceremony and during some of their photos, while others prefer to take it off directly after the ceremony. Another option is to swap the veil for a shorter version or even a fascinator for the rest of the day. If you like the idea of a longer veil, you might want to purchase a two-piece veil to incorporate the shorter version later in the day.

Keeping It In Place

Your veil will come with a comb, which will keep it in place throughout your ceremony. However, if you want to feel more secure, use a few bobby pins that match your hair colour to attach the wedding veil to your hair too. You really only need one or two pins on either side, hidden beneath your hair.

Veil Assistance

If you want to remove your veil after your ceremony, get your hairstylist to help you. If he/she won’t be around, get your stylist to show one of your bridesmaids or your wedding planner how to do it correctly. You would start by removing the pins, while keeping the veil’s comb in place. The person removing your veil should place one hand under the veil on top of your hair so that the comb can be removed gently. Tilt the comb away from the head when pulling it out so that the teeth come out.

And there you have it, these are some of the general wedding veil etiquette guidelines – don’t forget to get some beautiful veil shots too!  

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