How to Disconnect and Enjoy Your Wedding Without Devices

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and it’s understandable if you want everything to be perfect. Unfortunately, the pressure to make every detail flawless can make it challenging to enjoy the day fully and one of those pressures which I regularly see are mobile phones! So, how do you enjoy your wedding without devices?

A sign used at a wedding for an unplugged ceremony showing you can enjoy your wedding without devices. Shown at Crowcombe Court Wedding venue and taken by Somerset Wedding Photographer, Victoria Welton

You may find yourself checking your phone constantly or worrying about things that aren’t important – such as the weather (and who doesn’t in the UK?!).

Disconnecting seems impossible, but it’s crucial to make the most of your big day. In this blog, I will share tips for an unplugged wedding ceremony, showing that you can leave the outside world for tomorrow, and live in every moment of your big day.

Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Wedding without Devices

Create a Technology-Free Zone

Consider making your wedding ceremony and reception a technology-free zone. Encourage your guests to live in the moment by having a sign or ask your registrar or celebrant to make an announcement.

You might have to remind your guests about the request gently – but most people will be okay with it. They should be present with you, not texting or scrolling through social media feeds. By implementing a technology-free zone, you’ll turn your wedding into a more attentive and intimate affair while cultivating a sense of togetherness among your guests.

Put Someone in Charge

You may find it challenging to disconnect from friends and family members who serve as your support system. However, you should leverage their presence to help you relax more.

Designate an individual to act as your gatekeeper on your wedding day, responsible for intercepting phone calls and texts. Assign the task to someone who understands the importance of their role, such as your best friend, the best man, matron of honour or the wedding planner. To take off the pressure, you could always assign a couple of people.

With these people in place, you can focus your attention on the most important things – your spouse and the once-in-a-lifetime moments shared with loved ones. A wedding without devices will help you to do all of this and more.

Plan Something for the Morning of Your Wedding

The morning of your wedding day is a time to relax and prepare for an exciting day ahead. Consider engaging in activities that will help take your mind off any last-minute stresses.

Try yoga, meditation, or go on a walk to clear your head. Spend time with your bridesmaids or groomsmen and enjoy a fun breakfast, facial or massage together.

Having a planned agenda is a great way to keep you grounded and at ease throughout the day.

Be Mindful and Stay Present

I have lost count how many times I have told a couple that a day goes so fast so remember to remain present during your wedding day and enjoy every moment.

Don’t let anything take your attention away, not even things that may seem crucial. Let go of any concerns and focus solely on the moment. Pay attention to the sights, sounds, and smells of your surroundings. Take mental snapshots as you move from one event to another, and take note of the joy and emotions of your loved ones. Doing this will help you maintain a peaceful state of being and create lasting memories.

Remember that your photographer will be capturing these moments too – so you will be able to relive them through your gallery.

Set Realistic Expectations

Finally, remember that things may not always go as planned on your wedding day. The weather may change, your hair may not look the way you envisioned, or maybe even the catering is running behind schedule. In such scenarios, focus on the bigger picture and avoid sweating the small stuff. Accept whatever comes your way, remain calm, and make the most of the situation. With this attitude, you’ll have fond memories that’ll surpass any chase for perfection.

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so it’s crucial to remember and cherish every moment. Disconnecting from your phone and the outside world, planning an anti-stress morning, cultivating mindfulness, and aiming for a wedding without devices are excellent ways to help you stay present during your big day. Although unplugging may seem like a daunting task, with preparation and commitment, you’ll cherish your wedding memories more for years to come. So go ahead, take a deep breath, and soak in the satisfying feeling that comes with appreciating every moment of your wedding day.

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