5 Wedding Preparation Photography Tips

The anticipation and build-up of any big day is a time which is filled with emotions and something any wedding photographer – professional or amateur – would be a fool to miss out on.

As a wedding photographer, it is definitely one of my favourite parts of the day as there are plenty of special moments to capture. If you are unsure where to start with wedding photos, then here are a few tips and ideas from me which you might like to look out for.

Create a shot list

It is always a good idea to have a plan of what you are shooting before the wedding preparation takes place. The couple may have particular requests so ask them to think ahead about the shots that they’d like you to capture on the day. That way you can compile a list and check it off as you go.

Know your location

With wedding preparation shots taking place either at home, or in a hotel, or a friend or relative’s house, it is a good idea to visit the location beforehand or get there early so you can scout around to get the right settings and find the best light.

When you look around it would be great to have an idea of a few positions for shots and to know how the light might come into play. For example, look for orangeries or conservatories, both of which offer fantastic light. If not, why not find a big window which lets in plenty of natural light?

You may even want to visit ahead of the wedding to get some test shots which may also act well as engagement pictures.

Don’t forget the accessories

There is so much going on during the preparation that the bride and the rest of her family and bridesmaids may miss some of the finer details such as the flowers, gorgeous pink jewellery pieces, shoes, veils and tiaras.

It is a good idea to set some time aside when you arrive to find a light spot to take some pictures of the accessories. You may even want to take your own smaller roll-up backdrop with you to give a more professional, studio touch.

Capture the special moments

The special moments are the things that people want to see in their photographs. One of the reasons I love photography is because a picture speaks a thousand words – and nothing says emotion more than a wedding.

A moment with the bridesmaids, the popping of a champagne cork, the mother of the bride having her make-up done and wearing the dress she has chosen especially from somewhere like AW Brides or the bride reflecting on what is about to happen. All of these and more really add to the album which the couple will reflect upon at a later date.

Shoot the reactions

Whether it is the mother and father of the bride sharing a moment, the bride walking down the stairs for the first time and her father catching his first glimpse or a giggle from the smallest of bridesmaids, these are the images that will bring emotion to the forefront of the photograph album and will likely be the photographs which adorn the walls for years to come.

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